Sunday, 16 October 2011

sweet-pea flowers.

 sweet-pea flowers, white, pink, red, purple, with green leaves.
 sweet-pea flowers in a glass as a decoration.
 wild sweet-pea flowers.
 pink sweet-pea flowers plant.
 Lathyrus odoratus ,commonly known as ‘sweet pea’, stands for «delicate pleasures’. The name comes from the Greek word, ‘lathyros’, meaning "pea" or "pulse," and the Latin word ‘odoratus’, meaning "fragrant" . Sweet pea belongs to the Fabaceae family being of great interest both for florists and gardeners. 
Nowadays there is a vast variety of plant’s species due to Henry Eckford, who, during the 1800s, got the name of "Father of the Sweet Pea. “ He bred plenty of improvements in color, flower size, structure and texture into species, growing wild the country of their origin- Italy. Commercial sweet peas are treated after cutting to prolong their vase life, garden-cut ones may only last one or two days but commercial sweet peas can last up to a week.

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