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White trillium flowers pictures..

 The trillium flower is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants in the melanthiaceae family and boasts between 43 to 50 different species. Although several species of this plant grow in areas of Asia, the majority of them grow in both Central and Eastern regions of the United States. The trillium grandi florum – or white trillium flower – is by far the best known species; however, the variety grown can depend upon the region. For example, the white trillium mostly grows in eastern areas of North America, while the Western trillium – as its name implies – can be found growing in more westerly regions. Although there are many varieties and colours available, trilliums are easy to identify due to their triangular shape, three perfectly aligned and equally sized bracts, and long stems. Their hues include the classic white, plus shades of red, purple and pink.
 The trillium flower has a long history for a number of culinary and medicinal uses. It is said that for ages many Native American tribes cooked the greens of this plant. Today, the greens are frequently fried, boiled or placed in salads and eaten as an earthy side dish. Their medicinal uses also began with the Native Americans, as some tribes used the root as an effective emmenagogue. Since its discovery as a powerful agent against female reproductive ailments, many other fantastic uses have popped up.
 The roots are sometimes boiled in milk to help ease stomach complaints; the leaves are boiled in a base – usually lard – to create a soothing salve for skin ulcers; the species that carry heavy astringent properties are regularly used to treat internal hemorrhages, while the acrid types may aid in correcting lung ailments, fevers and phthisis.
 As well as being a great curative and a tasty dish, the trillium flower has also become the state flower of Ohio, and the emblem for the province of Ontario, Canada – where it is now the focus of urban myth. Many who were raised in the province grew up with the notion that it was illegal to pick wild growing trillium, but are now finding out that this is untrue. However, in several areas of the United States – such as Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Washington – this myth is actually true, though only on public land.
As a gift, trilliums are often given to represent healing. They may also symbolize the joys of spring – as they are early spring growers – or modest ambition. They can be given to someone who is graduating or starting a new path in life to symbolize encouragement, or as a simple “get well” gift for someone going through hard times.

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Flowers gardens ideas.

Flowers gardens ideas.

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Flowers butterfly natural beauty desktop wallpapers.

Flowers butterfly natural beauty desktop wallpapers.

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Purple orchid flowers pictures, meaning.

The meaning of the flower orchid varies, but it generally symbolizes: love, beauty, and refinement. Primary Significance: With an astounding number of varieties, orchids are known for their delicate beauty and exotic character. Evolving through an intricate and interesting history, the meanings of orchids include love, beauty, luxury, and strength.
 Purple orchids originate in ancient Greece. “Orchid” comes from the Greek “orchis”, meaning testicle and representing virility.
 Purple orchids are stunning! Their colour is absolutely magnificent and the blooms vary from the brightest shade of royal, mysterious purple to the most gentle shade of lavender. Lavender orchids are bohemian, chic, while deep purple orchids are powerful, imposing.
 Purple orchids are royal flowers when bright in colour. Purple orchids represent feminity when found in lavender shades, as lavender is a kind of “grown up pink”. Thus, they are gracious, elegant flowers. Lavender orchids induce romance and elegance, while deep purple stimulates mystery and suggests uncertainty.
 Lavender orchids are ideal for round bridal bouquets. They scream out femininity and grace! Mix them with orange tulips, with yellow, deep pink spray roses and green dendrobium orchids and you will be completely blown away by your purple orchid bouquet! 
However, if you are a more daring bride and want to use a deep purple orchid bouquet, try mixing them with green cymbidium orchids, white dendrobium orchids, purple orchids, bear grass and fern or, for a more serene look, mix purple vanda orchids, white tuberoses, ruscus leaves, beargrass leaves and tie them up with a strand of pearls. Your purple orchid bouquet will look chic and modern!
Purple orchids are gentle flowers, especially when found in shades of lavender. They are very expressive and can be assorted easily with light colors, spreading their beauty constantly. Exotic flowers, purple or lavender orchids are simple candy for the eye to see and jewels for the gardener to grow!

Home made flowers greetings cards designs ideas.

Home made flowers greetings cards designs ideas.

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White gerbera daisy flowers.

Name: Gerberas, Gerbera Daisies, Gerbera Daisy Flower 

Colours: White Flowers

Vase Life: 4-7 days, depending on care and handling 

Availability: Available year round 

Length Size: Gerberas length is approximately 14 to 20 inches 
Head Size: Gerberas, head diameter is approximately 3 to 3.5 inches 
 White gerbera daisies are lavishing flowers. Their big, spread and lovely blooms make you want to stare all day and admire their exquisite beauty. Part of the sunflower family, the white gerbera daisy is a very cheerful flower that can brighten anyone’s day!

 All in all, there are about thirty gerbera daisy species out in the wild from which we can find the Jamesonii type, Crocea type, single, double and full crested flowers. White gerbera daisies may be found under names like Hilton Daisy, Gerbera ambigua or Gerbera Krausii.
 White gerbera daisies are a symbol of purity and innocence, they are cheerful flowers that expand beauty and can lift a spirit up in a moment. White gerbera daisies are the perfect representation of sentimental clarity and beauty.
 White gerbera daisies are very popular in flower arrangements. White gerbera daisy arrangements can be easily used in church decorations, wedding centerpieces, corsages or boutonnieres and they can also be used on more somber events, such as funerals. 
White gerbera daisies arrangements may contains all the other colors, red, pink, yellow, blue, orange, purple. Therefore, white gerbera daisies may be mixed with red roses, yellow tulips, pink carnations, pale pink lilies or blue daisies. The beauty of their shape is that they can easily go with any flower and being white, with any other color.
A multi coloured gerbera daisy bouquet is always a classical choice in which white gerbera daisies will always stand out, as they have a pure and vibrant shade. White gerbera daisies is very popular when used in ornaments and decorations. It is a perfect flower for a bridal bouquet as it inspires purity and innocence and it can lighten up your room everyday, no special occasion needed!

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Pink tulips flowers.

The tulip is a perennial, bulbous plant with showy flowers in the genus Tulipa, of which up to 109 species have been described and which belongs to the family  liliaceae.


Tulips are one of the most popular of the spring flowers. They are easily recognizable even though they come in many varieties. There are double flowers, lily-flowering types, fringed petals and ruffly parrot types. A bouquet of tulips represents grace and elegance, but each tulip has its own message.


Tulips originated more than 100 years ago in Turkey and Persia. The name tulip comes from the Persian word for turban. The flower's popularity soared during the 17th century. Pink tulips, in particular, were very popular during the 17th century in Holland and Europe.


Pink tulips can be given or displayed during any occasion. They carry the meaning of perfect happiness and of wishing someone well.


Use pink tulips to exude confidence. They are a good flower to give to someone as encouragement, to wish them success with an endeavour.


Some tulips are larger than others. They are more splendid and showy, which has come to mean that the person who receives them is showy or likes attention.