Friday, 14 October 2011

Queen Anne`s lace flowers.

 The botanical name is : Daucus carota. This biennial is also commonly known as Wild Carrot, growing in dry fields, open places and roadsides. The plant was brought from Europe, and the carrots that we consume nowadays were cultivated from Queen Anne’s lace.
Wild carrot scientific name - Daucus Carota
 The plant is capable to reach the length of 4 ft. It bears the fern- or- lacy -looking leaves with the length of 2-8 in. They are alternative Queen Anne’s lace is notable by its miniature white-colored blooms. They are formed in lacy clusters with flatted tops. Every bloom features a deep, purple center. The plant’s fruits are spiky, curling inward to make a "birds' nest" look.
The blooming time is from May to October.The big taproot can be consumed by humans as it is a carrot. However the Queen Anne’s lace’s leaves contain toxins, and can result the skin irritation.
Queen Anne`s Lace is named after Queen Anne, the wife of king James of England.her So_ called friends challenge her to create lace as intricate and beautiful as the flower. The root of Queen Anee`s lace was also known as wild carrot, and stimulates pigments production in Humans. Natives in northern Africa chewed it to protect themselves from the sun.

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