Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Solidago flowers.

 solidago flower plant branch.
solidago belongs to the Asteraceae, Aster family being commonly named Goldenrod or Golden Fleece. The flower is widely used in garden-style arrangements and serves as great filler. It comes into hardy herbaceous perennials. The flower’ hallmark are miniature yellow or whitish-yellow flowers which grow on panicled or racemed plumes.
 worker bee collecting pollen.
 solidago flowers bloomings.
The flower originates from North America, South America and Europe. Solidago’s name  comes from two Latin words ‘solido’, meaning "to strengthen or make whole," and ‘ago’, meaning "to make." The name is referred to the medicinal characteristics the flower possesses.

It is available at any season of the year. If cut it may last for 7-10 days.

This yellow-colored bloom is outstanding filler in every style of floral arrangement and design. In addition it may be dried and used as a lovely addition to any arrangements. 

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