Tuesday, 11 October 2011

phlox flowers.

 white pink phlox.flowers.
 pink phlox. flowers.
 Saitama, Japan. Over 400,000 pink, white and purple 'Moss Phlox' in approximately 16,500 square meters attract many local visitors during the holiday season named "Golden Week" in Japan.
 light purple flowers.

These flowers are most often found in pink, but the periwinkle ones above are common as well. Creeping phlox can come in a variety of flowers including red, white, pink, purple, blue, etc. 
The flowers grow in tight clusters of 5 petals. They are known for being hardy in the shade and for prolific flowering. These are excellent ground cover plants and do well in rock gardens as well. They stay short and spread quickly. Sometimes these flowers are called “pink moss” due to their most dominant coloration and the growing environment that they prefer, similar to moss. 
The plant is an evergreen that flowers in the spring. The pests that the phlox are most susceptible to are spider mites and foliar nematodes. 
Phlox translates from the Greek word for Phlox.

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