Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Flowers photo frames ideas.

Flowers photo frames ideas.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Flowers bouqet designs ideas.

Flowers bouqet designs ideas.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

White tulips flowers.

 White tulips flowers. In Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings because the flower selection was limited and people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words. But today, with so many flower choices, there are no rules - it's the sentiment that gives the gift its meaning.
 Tulips are one of the most recognizable and loved flowers. The identifiable shape and multi-purpose meaning make tulips a comfortable choice when growing or sending flowers. Tulips come in many colours, such as yellow, red, pink, orange, purple and white. Some combine more than one colour. Each variation possesses a different meaning, but white tulips convey many messages.

 Send a message of forgiveness with white tulips. If you buy this colour tulip, you're asking someone to "please forgive me".

Add white tulips to wedding bouquets and arrangements because the colour symbolizes purity. Choose between many variations. Single tulips have six petals. Other options include double flowers, lily-flowering types, ruffly parrot varieties and fringed petals.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Yellow tulips flowers.

 Tulips are one of the more popular spring flowers, and are frequently given as gifts. Tulips are available in a wide range colours, each with their own meaning.

 According to ProFlowers.com, the meaning of yellow tulips has evolved over the years. Originally yellow tulips meant "hopeless love"; however, they are now more commonly associated with thoughts of cheerfulness.

 The meaning of yellow tulips has changed over the years. They used to be a symbol of hopeless love, but have become now a simple and delightful way of saying “there’s sunshine in your smile.” You can give a gift of yellow tulips to anyone without fear; they’re a wonderful compliment, showing cheerful thoughts and a sunny disposition. 
 Encourage better water absorption by re-cutting the stems at an angle before placing into cool water. Place cut flowers into water as soon as possible.

There’s just something about the elegant shape of the tulip - long stem standing tall, topped by a cup-shaped flower - that pleases the eye, and has made tulips immediately recognizable as well as one of the world’s most popular and best-loved flowers. 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Flowers and humming birds pictures.

Hummingbirds are particularly fond of bright reds, purple, white, pink, orange and blue. Bee Balm and Cardinal Flower are two of the hummingbirds' favorite nectar sources. These plants, however, don't have a long bloom life, so it is important to add a variety of nectar-bearing flowers to ensure a longer feeding season. Hummingbirds may be small, but they pack a lot energy in those tiny bodies.