Monday, 14 May 2012

Genestra flowers pictures.

Unique filler form the Italian Riviera that is quite fragrant and very elegant. However, it is highly sensitive to ethylene, as well as dehydration. Check the small florets that occur in profusion on the thin wiry stems for shattering, dropping and damage due to mold such as botrytis. It is suggested that the bunches may be gently shaken to quickly check this. There should be very little drop. Stems should be cut cleanly and crisply and placed immediately into water. Any leaves that will be submerged should be removed. The flowers should be hydrated in a low sugar holding solution and preferably processed in the cooler.

Common names:Ginesta, Ginestra.
Colour :White

Bloom Size:Small
Bloom Size Details:tiny blooms on bloomy stems
Lengths available:60cm
Vase Life:Average
Vase Life Details:7 to 10 + days
Availability:Italy from late November to April.
California December-January and again March - April.
General Comments:- A fragrant flowering variety of Cytisus or "broom", of which white is the natural colour. Such a gorgeous filler flower that you can take apart and used in smaller arrangements or elegant bouquets. 

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