Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fuji mums flowers pictures , growing information.

The Fuji mum, also known as the spider mum, is one of the hardy cultivars with tubular, long flower petals with curled tips, resembling a fireworks explosion. Fuji mums bloom in October. Large 6-inch diameter flowers ranging in colors from whitish to purplish appear on long stems reaching heights up to 28 inches.


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      Plant Fuji mums where they will receive a minimum of six hours of sunlight. Plant the mums at least 18 inches away from other plants and other mum plants for good air circulation. The soil needs to have good drainage, but the plants will thrive in any soil condition with proper fertilization.
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      Water spider mums when the soil is dry. Mums need at least 1 inch of water per week. If rain is scarce, use a garden hose to soak the soil once a week.
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      Pinch off the stem tips down to the first set of leaves when the plant is 6 inches tall to promote taller growth. When stems are 1 foot tall, pinch the tips of the stems again, down to the first set of leaves. Don't pinch off after July 1. Mums require about three months from the last pinch to flowering.
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      Remove branches growing perpendicular with the main stem of the mum. Use pruning shears to remove all but three of the strongest and thickest stems when the mum reaches 1 foot tall. This diverts energy to the strongest stems to promote flowering.
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      Fertilize the soil before planting the mum with 4 tbsp. of 5-10-5 NPK in spring and again the first week of August.
    • 6
      Place 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base of the mum to keep the warmth in and the soil moist. Lawn clipping and leaves make good mulch for mums. Don't use straw, sawdust or chipped wood because these materials can use the nitrogen from the soil, taking it away from the plant.

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