Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lilac flowers.

Lilac, as is commonly known.
The cut flower is far more glamorous than the shrub with long branches laden with flowers.
White‚ mauve‚ violet or pink.
This Flowers are Availble in Autumn‚Winter
 Culturally, the lilac carries strong associations with the rebirth symbolized in springtime. In Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Cyprus, and Lebanon, the lilac is closely tied to Easter and is used as part of religious observances there.  That is, it is an appropriate gift for a beloved who has suddenly captured the lover’s heart. White lilacs, on the other hand, signal youthful innocence, making it an appropriate gift for honouring a chaste romance. 
 Perhaps this is why, according to the language of flowers, the lilac is often given as an expression of new love or young love, it is an emblem of the springtime of life, when young lovers discover the excitement of romance. According to tradition, a gift of purple lilacs communicates the first emotion of love.
Of course, with their lovely, clustered blossoms and perfumed fragrance, the gift of a bouquet of fresh, cut lilacs is welcome for nearly any occasion.

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