Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cosmos flowers wallpapers.

Cosmos is the flower that belongs to the Asteracea family that is family of sunflowers, aster and daisies.
 Cosmos flowers are about 2 to 4 inches in diameter and are found in lots of colour variations in all different species. Cosmos flowers are mostly bright coloured flowers being single or double colored like, white, pink, orange, scarlet and yellow.
 1.    This plant grows up to 3 to 6 feet tall.
2.    The name of this flower “Cosmos” is derived from the Greek language and means “balanced World.”
3.    These flowers bloom only twice a year and just once in a season.
4.    All the cosmos plants bloom heavily but die immediately after the first frost.
 5.    If your cosmos plants fell on the bare ground than you will have the plants the following spring.
6.    Cosmos flower is easy and quick to grow and does not require any certain conditions that allow it to be grown in every region.
7.    Chocolate Cosmos is famous with the name because it fills the air with its vanilla tinged chocolate scent.
 8.    Yellow Cosmos have leaves that resemble that of marigold while the lace cosmos have more rows of petals and ferny foliage.
9.    Cosmos flowers occur in solid pink, white, maroon and pink with deep pink flares.
10.    Cosmos plants are drought tolerant but you will need to water them in long dry spells.

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