Saturday, 16 February 2013

Loosestrief Purple flowers.

  • 10-15mm long
  •  5-7 purple petals (also white, pink, deep purple, red), yellow center
  •  bloom July - September
  •  fruit is a flat, tan-coloured seed
  •  each spike produces up to  120,000 seeds (3 million per plant!)
Purple loosestrife is known for its amazing seed production, with up to three million seeds per plant! This aquatic, perennial weed can swiftly suffocate wetlands, displacing valuable native habitat for both plants and animals. Purple loosestrife was introduced to North America from Eurasia in the early 1800's, most likely as seeds in ship ballasts (although possibly attached to wool or brought as a medicinal herb). It reached British Columbia in 1915. Loosestrife is thought to be responsible for the modification of more wetland habitat than is the current development pressure caused by humans. Despite these detrimental impacts, is often admired for its showy red-purple flowers.

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