Sunday, 26 August 2012

Purple orchid flowers pictures, meaning.

The meaning of the flower orchid varies, but it generally symbolizes: love, beauty, and refinement. Primary Significance: With an astounding number of varieties, orchids are known for their delicate beauty and exotic character. Evolving through an intricate and interesting history, the meanings of orchids include love, beauty, luxury, and strength.
 Purple orchids originate in ancient Greece. “Orchid” comes from the Greek “orchis”, meaning testicle and representing virility.
 Purple orchids are stunning! Their colour is absolutely magnificent and the blooms vary from the brightest shade of royal, mysterious purple to the most gentle shade of lavender. Lavender orchids are bohemian, chic, while deep purple orchids are powerful, imposing.
 Purple orchids are royal flowers when bright in colour. Purple orchids represent feminity when found in lavender shades, as lavender is a kind of “grown up pink”. Thus, they are gracious, elegant flowers. Lavender orchids induce romance and elegance, while deep purple stimulates mystery and suggests uncertainty.
 Lavender orchids are ideal for round bridal bouquets. They scream out femininity and grace! Mix them with orange tulips, with yellow, deep pink spray roses and green dendrobium orchids and you will be completely blown away by your purple orchid bouquet! 
However, if you are a more daring bride and want to use a deep purple orchid bouquet, try mixing them with green cymbidium orchids, white dendrobium orchids, purple orchids, bear grass and fern or, for a more serene look, mix purple vanda orchids, white tuberoses, ruscus leaves, beargrass leaves and tie them up with a strand of pearls. Your purple orchid bouquet will look chic and modern!
Purple orchids are gentle flowers, especially when found in shades of lavender. They are very expressive and can be assorted easily with light colors, spreading their beauty constantly. Exotic flowers, purple or lavender orchids are simple candy for the eye to see and jewels for the gardener to grow!

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  1. Orchids have always been one of my most favourite exotic flowers .. I just loved it.