Friday, 27 July 2012

Yellow tulips flowers.

 Tulips are one of the more popular spring flowers, and are frequently given as gifts. Tulips are available in a wide range colours, each with their own meaning.

 According to, the meaning of yellow tulips has evolved over the years. Originally yellow tulips meant "hopeless love"; however, they are now more commonly associated with thoughts of cheerfulness.

 The meaning of yellow tulips has changed over the years. They used to be a symbol of hopeless love, but have become now a simple and delightful way of saying “there’s sunshine in your smile.” You can give a gift of yellow tulips to anyone without fear; they’re a wonderful compliment, showing cheerful thoughts and a sunny disposition. 
 Encourage better water absorption by re-cutting the stems at an angle before placing into cool water. Place cut flowers into water as soon as possible.

There’s just something about the elegant shape of the tulip - long stem standing tall, topped by a cup-shaped flower - that pleases the eye, and has made tulips immediately recognizable as well as one of the world’s most popular and best-loved flowers. 

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