Thursday, 15 March 2012

Petunias flowers pictures.

Petunias are popular annual flowers in most American gardens. They are easy to grow and are very pleasing to the eye. They enjoy a long blooming season and add plenty of colour to your garden. There are many types of petunias available. So you can choose the one that matches your needs the best.
  Give the plant the hot and sunny climate it wants, and you will be thanked with the appearance of a foliage that is of a lovely metallic blue colour, which will provide the ideal backdrop for the many stunning blue flowers that will adorn your garden during summer.
  Petunias are blooming flowers, which can be grown in home gardens, flowerbeds, hanging baskets, pots, barrels, window boxes or any other kind of flower planter. These pretty flowers bloom continuously from spring to frost, and come in a large variety of sizes and colours.
  Petunias come in a large number of varieties, and you can save the expense of buying new seeds and transplants every year if you collect and save the seeds. You will find these small seed pods under the petals once the flowers start fading. You must know the right time to collect these seeds though, since they are really tiny and may get lost when the seed pods split open.
 Petunias are pretty and versatile annuals, used as cut flowers and also extensively in flower beds, window boxes, hanging baskets and other kinds of plant containers. They blossom in a large number of stunning colours and come in many sizes and shapes.
Though petunias are quite easy to grow outdoors from transplants, amateur gardeners may find it difficult to grow them indoors. The main advantage of growing petunias indoors is that you can grow a large number of plants for less money. 

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