Friday, 3 February 2012

Catmint flowers.

  • Catmint flowers almost all season. It's not one of those plants that puts on a great show and then...nothing.

  • The flowers are soft and delicate and presents a beautiful haze of colour.

  • It is absolutely drought tolerant. Ignore it, give it hardly water, subject it to a drought, and it still does well. You can't get much more low maintenance than this!

  • If it gets too big in a particular spot, just cut it back to about 5 or 6 inches high, and it will grow and flower all over again. You can also just trim it back to a lesser extent and it will do the same.

  • It is not prone to any disease, fungus or insects.

Catmint Plant - Design Advice

This plant is just so versatile. It looks great a a single specimen, in a group, as companion plants for roses, and on a slope. Actually due to its drought tolerant qualities, it does very well on problem slopes. A mass of them looks great, as does just one mixed in with other plants.
 The flowers are purple, but not that strong. Once of my favourite colours in the garden (along with pink!) Using them with roses works very well. Their feel compliments the roses and yet provide interest due to the differences.. The lacy foliage, the blue-purple colour, the vertical flower stems all contrast beautifully with roses. 

Catmint - Information

Plant Zone - 3A to 8A
Height - 24" to 36"
Spread - 24" to 36"
Growth rate - average to fast
Form - round with a loose look to it
Exposure - does best in full sun but will tolerate other conditions.

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  1. What is the plant that has the pink flowers in the fourth picture from the top?